Latest Online Training Offers for Youth

S.A.L.T.O. Youth is the online platform that serves both young people and organisations. Indeed its purpose is to keep them up-to-date on the latest training and courses offers, plus toolkits available for good practices.

As we all know nowadays trainings and courses might be hard to take on site. For this reason  organisations all around Europe keep on displaying them online.

We have summed up the very latest online training offers for youth. All of them are available on S.A.L.T.O. Youth and accessible for free. An online training could be the best chance for you to learn and improve your knowledge on a chosen topic. These online trainings have the support of experts and people already working in the youth field.

Often these trainings, courses and webinars give you a Youthpass for participating. Such Certificate is then useful to boost your CV.

Online Training Offers for Youth

  • Flash SE+ssions: Creativity and Innovation in E+ and ESC – Digital Youth Work / 27th April 2021 / topic: approaches and tools you can use to engage young people digitally / Apply here
  • Sustainable Communication for Youth and Social Workers – FREE WEBINAR / 24th March 2021 / topic: judgements that often cause social exclusion and disconnection / Apply here
  • EUROPE@DJHT – 17th German Child and Youth Welfare Congress / 18-20th May 2021 / topic: child and youth welfare community in Europe / Apply here
  • “Green(washing)?” / 4-15th June 2021 / topic: knowledge and sills on the topics of consumption and green washing / Apply here
  • Layers of communication online / 26th March – 18th June 2021 / topic: five online courses focused on basic principles of Nonviolent communication / Apply here
  • RAN Y&E meeting on ‘Education and youth work: towards effective collaboration’ / topic: explore the possibilities and opportunities that collaboration between youth work and education might generate / 8-9th April 2021 / Apply here
  • The Laboratorium of Non Formal Education / topic: building of a pedagogical tool / 6-25th May 2021 / Apply here

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