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May 26
Schuman Traineeships: Application Opening

The opening period to apply to Schuman Traineeships is coming up soon. The next one will be from 1st to 30th June 2021. Schuman Traineeships You might know them as Traineeships in the Secretariat, the Schuman Traineeships are just a part of the European Parliament offer to European young people. Another option is indeed the […]

May 20
European Youth Week: 24-30th May 2021

The European Youth Week is taking place from May 24th to 30th. A whole week of events and information for youth over Europe. “Our future in our hands” The theme of this year is “our future in our hands”. The occasion sees the running of events and online sessions for young people, as “Future is […]

May 13
Conference on the Future of Europe

“The Future is in your hands” (Conference on the Future of Europe) The Initiative A brand new European initiative is on place for anyone willing to participate. This is a great opportunity to raise your voice and share your ideas on the future of Europe. The European Union is indeed inviting the European citizens to […]

May 07
GloRe: Online Training of Multipliers For Volunteers’ Mentors and Coordinators

“GloRe Recognition Certification Network” Online Training of Multipliers for Volunteers’ Mentors and Coordinators Online (Zoom and Canvas) / 21st-31st May 2021     A new online training course will take place on May 21st-31st, hosted on Zoom by Associazione di promozione sociale Joint. This training course is up to 20 participants and recommended for volunteers’ […]

May 06
An Art Contest for Young People

A new art contest is available for young people to prevent and address dating violence. Children First is a project funded with Erasmus Plus under the coordination of the IARS International Institute. Gender-based violence is a widespread problem.  While policy and literature on the issue are slowly growing, “dating violence” amongst children and teenagers remains […]

Apr 29
What Europe Does For You?

What Europe does for you? It is not necessary to undergo a degree in politics to understand and stimate the impact that the European Union has had on our lives. Starting with young people, the EU has successfully set out initiatives and opportunities over the years, since its foundation. With the time passing by, the […]

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