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Jul 28
How To Write a Motivational Letter

You are applying for a European Solidarity Corps project and the hosting organisation asks you to send over a Motivational Letter? Are you wondering how to write the more efficient motivational letter to boost your chances of entering the project of your dreams? We’ve got you. Often writing a motivational letter causes stress and may […]

Jul 21
EU Covid Certificate To Travel Across Europe

The importance of the EU Covid Certificate is arising in Europe, especially after the mobility of people has started up again, once the lockdown restrictions have been eased. It it not clear by now how it will be necessary to travel or simply enter a restaurant, as there is not an inter-state coordination over it. […]

Jul 14
How To Get The Vaccine In Italy as a Foreigner

You might have wondered how to get the anti-Covid vaccine in a foreign country, as a tourist or a non-resident person currently living abroad. The concern around the anti-Covid vaccination meets doubts and concerns also around the volunteers that, under the European Solidarity Corps, are already carrying out their activities in another country or are […]

Jul 07
OLS – Online Language Support

Are you about to leave for a volunteering project abroad? Or are you an Erasmus student about to start your mobility in another EU country? Then you may have wondered how to deal with the foreign language you are going to be using while living abroad. For that, we’ve got you. What you need is […]

Jun 16
How to (Sustainable) Travel Over Europe

It is the right time of the year to start thinking about traveling abroad. With the pandemic restrictions easing all over the Europe, you might want to think about undertaking a European Solidarity Corps project or just holidaying around. Whatever is in your mind, you may be happy to know that traveling over Europe is […]

Apr 29
What Europe Does For You?

What Europe does for you? It is not necessary to undergo a degree in politics to understand and stimate the impact that the European Union has had on our lives. Starting with young people, the EU has successfully set out initiatives and opportunities over the years, since its foundation. With the time passing by, the […]

Mar 18
Become a Climate Pact Ambassador

The Climate Emergency is an issue we have learned to be aware of especially in the last few years. Despite the urgency of it being the core activity of many NGOs all around the word, it is thanks to the more recent acts of protesting that we are now arising our awareness as a community. […]

Feb 18
ErasmusApp: Learn About Opportunities Abroad

The European Commission has recently launched the ErasmusApp to discover, free and easy on your mobile, the Erasmus opportunities abroad. You can now plan your Erasmus journey, covering all the steps at once. it contains information specific to the new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programme. The ErasmusApp allows you to: Inform yourself; Check the deadlines; Reach out […]

Feb 05
No Profit on pandemic: a petition on Covid vaccines

Covid 19 anti-pandemic vaccines and treatments should be a global public good, freely accessible to everyone. This is the idea moving a European Citizens’ Initiative to push the European Commission to propose a legislation to make treatments available to all and avoid Big pharmaceutical companies’ profits on the pandemic. NO PROFIT ON PANDEMIC A European […]

Jan 13
BREXIT: Impact on Young Europeans

The UK left the European Union officially on January 1st, 2021. The deal, best know as Brexit-deal, has important consequences and implication for young Europeans and UK youngsters too. Back in January 2020, the UK started the transition period. Complex rounds of negotiations began, to reach a deal around the conditions of Brexit. From the […]

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