What does Youth Exchange mean?


It is not easy to describe what a youth intercultural exchange is because it is a subjective and changeable experience. Its real added value is the people that take part in the exchange itself. These people are changing constantly. It is a unique opportunity to grow and widen your knowledge of a specific area of interest.

EU found this programme to promote the awareness of a European identity among the teenagers and youth. To develop a dialogue about different areas which are of primary importance for the European Agenda:

  • Sport
  • Communitarian practice
  • Sustainability 
  • Art
  • Environment
  • Civic Education

All the activities are coordinated by trainers and facilitators to promote the engagement of the youngsters and to learn according to the non-formal and intercultural teaching method.

Here a video realized during a youth exchange in Italy about the immigration issue:

Why should I participate? 

  • It’s free. EU program Erasmus+ will cover your travel, your stay, and the food during the whole project.
  • Is a great opportunity to improve your English. All the activities are in English.
  • Is a great opportunity to meet new people of your age around Europe, developing connections and friendships.
  • Youth exchange means widening your knowledge about cultures far and near from us.
  • Youth exchange means learning how to live in a community.

Who can Participate?

  • All the young people between 13 and 30 years old.

How to participate?

Just take a look at our map, check for any available youth exchange, check what nationalities are looking for and apply for it. Through the form you find in the offer. The sending association will contact you back and will communicate you if you’ve been selected or not.



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