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Jan 18
Blue Book Traineeships | Work In The EU Commission

Introduction Would you like to work in the European Commission? Discover the Blue Book¬†traineeships, an EU initiative to give young Europeans the opportunity to practice in various areas of work in the European Parliament. Twice a year, the Commission offers 5-month paid traineeship. There are two types of internships: one focused on administration one focused […]

Jan 11
BeVisioneers | Young Entrepreneurs For The Environment

Introduction Have a sustainability project or a captivating idea? Bring it to life with the BeVisioneers Fellowship! The beVisioneers Fellowship empowers young innovators focused on sustainability by offering a thorough 12-month program. This program equips them with training, expert mentoring, and resources to propel their eco-friendly initiatives forward, regardless of their project’s phase or financial […]

Jan 04
European Youth Week 2024 | Join The Event

Introduction Have you heard of European Youth Week? The European Youth Week (EYW) happens every two years and is organised by the European Commission. It encourages young people to get involved in Europe’s activities and decisions. EYW helps young people talk with leaders, shares their talents, and highlights their projects. It takes turns every two […]

Dec 28
Youth Participation Strategy | Become a Group Member!

Introduction Are you a young person who wants to boost youth involvement with Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programs? The SALTO Participation & Information Resource Centre is searching for young people to join the Youth Participation Strategy (YPS) Steering Group for 2024-2025. The group is responsible for carrying out, keeping an eye on progress, and […]

Dec 21
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs | The EU Programme

Introduction Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a program funded by the European Union that allows young individuals to collaborate with experienced entrepreneurs. This programme lets new or hopeful business owners learn from experienced ones in different countries. New entrepreneurs spend time with these experts to gain skills for running a small business. At the same […]

Dec 14
Recommendation on Minimum Income | The EU Initiative

Introduction The European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan presented a proposal to the Council regarding the establishment of effective minimum income schemes across the EU. This initiative aims to assist Member States in creating a well-balanced approach to income support and access to services for individuals in diverse situations and with different needs. The […]

Dec 07
Interreg Volunteer Youth | Supporting Cooperation Across Borders

Introduction The “Interreg Volunteer Youth” (IVY) initiative provides a unique opportunity for young people that want to make a positive impact on the world. Through collaboration, IVY volunteers engage in solidarity actions, addressing challenges in both Europe and its neighboring regions. Working alongside local actors, these volunteers actively contribute to finding and implementing shared solutions, […]

Nov 30
Test your Digital Skills with this Online Tool

Introduction Are you aware of your digital skills? Would you like to know what is your level and in what you should improve? Discover how reading the article! In today’s world, digital skills are increasingly important for various aspects of life. Whether you’re navigating the workplace, managing tasks at home, or engaging in school activities, […]

Nov 23
Become a EU Ambassador for the Environment

Introduction The European Climate Pact unites individuals in a collective effort to address the climate crisis and contribute to building a more sustainable Europe. At the heart of the Climate Pact are its Ambassador, who play a vital role in informing, inspiring, and supporting climate action within their communities and networks. This initiative has the […]

Nov 16
Youth Empowerment for Social Impact

Introduction The Youth Empowerment for Social Impact (YESI) project, funded by the European Union and expertly developed in collaboration with Cesvi and Al Majmoua, is an initiative with the aim of fostering the empowerment of young individuals. This project wants to accomplish this objective through the promotion and establishment of inclusive, innovative, and sustainable models […]

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